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We are global construction and engineering company. We are operating in emerging and developed markets worldwide. The sectors we cover are commercial and residential real estate, industrial construction. We provide services in: Construction as a General Contracting and Sub-Contracting

Who We Are

We have vast experience in construction in a variety of countries: Russia, Turkey, CIS countries and Middle East
We develop real estate projects that focus on creating living environments
We execute complex projects in challenging locations
We access to all kind of materials and resources globally and locally
We can work tight schedules
We can join joint ventures and alliances
We create comprehensive value for our clients and business partners by bringing together experience, people, knowledge and resources at every stage of construction process.
Our Experience gives us our power, propels us forward and our focuses makes us successful.
We strive to work with our clients in close and lasting cooperation, providing outstanding services. Complete customer satisfaction is what drives us.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, learning from experience, and promising excellence in everything we do.
We continually deliver to the right engineering and construction services for our clients, no matter how extreme or adverse the conditions are.
With our vast experience in construction, we grow as our clients grow their needs manage our business. Over the past 25 years, our founding partners built their reputation based on trustworthiness and excellence in execution.
We are building today with the future in mind. We strive to provide stable, long-term future for our employees and provide a legacy of commitment and stability in the communities we serve. We equip our people and inspire them to become the best.